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stereo mixer output to powered mixer input

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Q: How do you hookup a stereo mixer to a powered mixer?
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Can I run a mixer through my powered mixer for drum mics?

Yes. In fact, I would recommend doing this instead of just running the mics through your band's powered mixer. That way, all your drum sounds (pre-mixed) will fit into just one input on your band's powered mixer. It takes about a minimum of 6 or 7 mics to capture a drum kit properly and that's a hell of a lot of inputs to be using on your band's P.A. Just run the mics through your own mixer, then run your mixer's "Main 1" output to your band's P.A. input. Use a balanced cable. Also, if the mixer that you are using is unpowered, then get yourself a couple powered monitors to run directly off of it so you can have some monitoring without using one of the the P.A. monitors. If your drum mixer IS powered, however, just get yourself some speakers and you've got yourself some monitors. In a nutshell, I recommend getting a small powered mixer for your drum mics (something with 100W minimum) with unpowered monitors running right off of it (use the "Main 2" output). Connect the mixer's "Main 1" output to your band's P.A. system for the final mix. But remember, if you do it like this, you have to dial in a good mix on your drum mics through your own little mixer because the sound guy will only be able to adjust the volume of the drum kit AS A WHOLE through the main P.A. system. This is what I do and it works very well.

How many watts does the behringer xenyx 802 have?

Xenyx 802 is not a powered mixer, you need a separate amplifier with it to drive the speakers

What bands start with the word stereo?

Stereo total Stereolab Soda Stereo Stereos Sonido Stereo Stereo MCs Stereo Palma Death by Stereo The apples in Stereo Stereo Deluxe

How much does a bosch mixer cost?

"Depending on the model, the condition (new or refurbished) and the number of attachments purchased with the mixer, a Bosch Mixer costs from $300.00 to over $600."

How do you connect Behringer Feedback Destroyer to mixer?

mixer main out TO behringer feedback destroyer input TO speakers

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Wiring diagram for stereo hookup 91 Mazda 626?

A Haynes repair manual for the 91 Mazda 626 features a wiring diagram for the stereo hookup. The manual can be purchased at the book store or checked out from the library.

Can you plug a powered speaker into a powered mixer? problems...that's how it should be

What is a powered audio mixer used for?

A powered audio mixer is used for combining, mixing, routing and changing the level, timbre or dynamics of audio signals. They can mix analog or digital signals depending on the mixer.

What is the camera wire coming out of a car stereo?

Most likely a back up camera hookup.

Which mixers have built in effects?

The Mixer that have built in effects is the Yamaha MG124CX Stereo Mixer. The MG124C and MG124CX both have a total of 12 input channels -- 4 mono microphone/line inputs and four stereo line inputs.

Is a peavey md12 mixer powered?

No. To use an MD-12 in as a sound re-enforcement mixer, you will need to have a separate power amp.

How do you connect xlr mic into stereo channel on sound craft emp mixer?

You use an adapter.

How much would it cost to get a decent mixer for a band that's just starting out?

A good stereo mixer for a beginners band can run you around $79-$99 to start.

How much is a kmd PBM6-150 powered mixer?

I have 1 for $200

Which mixer for under 250$ is best for a home recording studio?

A Rolls MX42 Mini Stereo Mixer is ideal for an in home recording studio and only cost around $47.00.

The wiring diagram for a 1991 Chevy S 10 stereo and what are the color codes to hook up an aftermarket stereo?

if you go yo a store that sells car radios they should have adaptor harnese for your chevy for oem hookup

Did 1991 Grand Prix GTP' have a cdplayer if not is there anyone adaptible to the steering controls of that year?

not sure if they had CD players or not but you can go to any car stereo shop and they have a module to hookup the steering controls to any stereo that you put in