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you hold up on the control pad and up on the nunchuk

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Q: How do you get the belt on a ladder match on SvR on Wii?
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Can you lean the ladder on the ropes on svr 2011 for wii?

No you can not.

Will there be an inferno match for the wii on smackdown vs. raw 2009?

no theres one in Svr 2010

How do you get a steel cage match or hell in the cell on smackdown vs raw 2008 for wii?

Sorry but you can't. They have it in SvR 2009 for the Wii though!

How do you win a ladder match in smackdown vs raw 2009 for wii?

Get the item hagging above the ring.

How do you spin WWE championship belt on svr 2009 wii?

actually it does because when u win in the elimination chamber u will see it moved

How do you grab item in a ladder match on smackdown vs raw 2009 for Wii?

You have to press A near an item/weapon!

Does svr 2011 Wii have physics system?

No :( thq was lazy with the graphics for the wii :(

Where is the svr 09 downloadable content for wii?

There is none

Can you download fan axxess for svr 2011 on wii?


How do you call hornswoggle into the ring on svr 2010 for Wii?

Press L And A Person Who Wrote this LISTEN HE SAID WII Srry To Call Hornswoggle out just do a match with him as ur manager next hornswoggle will start giving you Cane Thingies

How do you unlock Evan bourne in svr 2009 for Wii?

you have to download him

How do you unlock sheamus wii 2010?

you cant he is not in svr 2010