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No you can not.

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Q: Can you lean the ladder on the ropes on svr 2011 for wii?
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Can you lean ladders on ropes on svr 2011 for the ps2?

Yes, you can. Just pick up the ladder (by pressing "X"), go to the ropes and press circle.

Can you get in the crowd on svr 2011?

yesallu do is break the announce table that has no commentators, then lean a ladder against the announce table that does have commentators, then run up the ladder until you are in the crowd.

How do you lean a ladder on the barricade in WWE svr 2011 ps2?

No u cant. U can just do this on ps3 and xbox 360 versions

Who are the people in svr 2011 and what matches are going to be in svr 2011?

There is going the be a (strecher match) (table match) (ladder match)(hell in a cell) (steel cage) (backstage) (locker room) (scramble) (ironmatch)

Is svr 2011 ladder finisher for ps2?

yes you can do it by your finisher. Go on the top of the ladder and wait for your opponent to come near you and hit the finisher button then you got it..

How do you wedge a ladder in svr 2011?

you have to go over to the turnbuckle and and then press x to lean.Once you have done that click x again to wedge it

What is the difference between svr 2011 and svr 2011 limited edition?

svr 2011 is normal svr 2011 limited edition has the downloadable code for bret hart

What is better svr 11 of svr 10?

SvR 2011 because it has more realistic gameplay than SvR 2010..I rate 6.2 for SvR 2010 and 7.1 for SvR 2011

How do you unlock sin cara in svr 2011?

he's not in svr 2011

How do you be a referee in svr 2011?

You can't. In one of the RTWMs in SVR 2010 you could, but unfortunately you can't in SVR 2011.

When svr 2011 coming out?

SVR 2011 was released October 26, 2010.

How you unlock great khali svr 2011?

The Great Khali is not in svr 2011.