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You can get Evan bourne only in svr 2010 and svr 2011

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You need a DLC=Downloadable Content

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Q: How do you get Evan Bourne on svr 09 on ps2?
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How do you unlock Evan Bourne in svr 09?

you can't unlock him he is a ps3/xbox 360 exclusive you have to buy.

Where can you find a good even bourne caw for svr 09?


How do you get Steve Austin on SvR for ps2 09?

you can`t

Are the graphics in svr 09 for the ps2 going to be good?

nah, its same as 08 almost

Cheat to unlock Evan bourne WWE smackdown vs raw 09 xbox 360?

Complete all the accomplishments to unlock Bourne

How do you play svr 09 online for ps2?

You can't connect your ps2 to the internet, and there is no online play on the ps2. It's only the ps3 that you can connect to the internet. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have my ps2 connected to the internet. BUT U CANT PLAY 09 ONLINE

Which is better tna game or svr 09?

i have both games for PS2 and i would definitly go with svr09

Will svr 09 be for xbox 360?

yes it will be on most consoles that are quite new including ps2 and many more

How do you unlock legends in SvR 09 for the ps2?

you need to unlock them in the RTWMs and anyways there is only like 3 legends

How do you get the hard core championship in svr 09 on ps2?

play cereer mode with Jeff hardy and win the u.s title

Is Evan bourne a playable character in WWE smackdown vs raw 2009 for the playstation 3?

Answer No.In 09 yes if he still is in the wwe.

Can you transfer a CAW from SvR 08 to SvR 09 and if so how?

no but u can from 09 to legends of wrestlemania