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because nothing is permenant except change , that's why his music is changed in 09 svr

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Q: Why is chris Jericho's music different in svr 09?
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How do you unlock mask man on svr 09?

comeplete jerichos road to wrestlemania

Is chris masters on svr 2010?

No, he's not in the game, but he's in SVR 2011.

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How come Chris Masters isn't in SvR 2009?

CHRIS whas not in wwe universe in 2009

How do you download chris masters on WWE shop in svr 11 ps3?

ich will chris masters herunterladen

How can you get chris Jericho's entrance song on SvR 2008?

You need Xbox 360.

Can you get Chris Jericho's heel attire on svr 2009?

Beat his Road To Wrestlemania

Will chris Jericho be in svr 2009?

yes he will be and so will alot of other people

How do you put your own music on svr 09 on psp?

my mom knows!!!

What is the cheat code for chris masters on svr 2011?

It's written on the back of your game manual.