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im wondering the same thing but i dont think u can

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Q: Can you get svr 09 PS3 dlc from computer?
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How unlock mask Kane?

In SvR '09 it's DLC (Downloadable Content) only for PS3 or XBOX 360. In SvR '08 he's not in it and SvR '07 buy him in the WWE Shop.

When does the dlc for svr 09 come out?

31st march

Is the dlc for svr?

yes there is for 09 it comes out 31st march for xbox

How do you get Evan Bourne on svr 09 on ps2?

You can get Evan bourne only in svr 2010 and svr 2011

How do you unlock r truth in svr 09?

You can't unlock him. You have to create him or wait till he's on DLC, but DLC is not available for Nintendo Wii.

Code For Hornswoggle Playable In SVR 09?

no code only ps3 or xbox 360 hack

How do you unlock Evan Bourne in svr 09?

you can't unlock him he is a ps3/xbox 360 exclusive you have to buy.

Can you transfer a CAW from SvR 08 to SvR 09 and if so how?

no but u can from 09 to legends of wrestlemania

Is svr 09 for psp?

yep. Wait for svr 10 though.

Can you copy caws from svr 07 to svr 08?

No but you can copy it from svr 09 to legends of wrestle mania

What is the difference between WWE svr 09 collectors edition and the normal WWE svr 09?

Nothing but the front cover!

Can you play Maria and Kelly Kelly santa outfits in Smackdown vs Raw 09?

Yes, its an exclusive DLC for PS3 and soon for Xbox 360.