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I think that is a modded weapon which is fairly common to find a modded defender of the motherland online

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Q: How do you get pride defender or motherland in dead island?
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Where is Jason on Dead Island Jungle?

In the first hut on the far east beach..

Did Mr Rogers cheat on his wife?

ANSWER:Mr. Rogers is been dead for years and this man never cheated on his wife. He is one of those man who have pride and a good soul.

Is there nudity in dead island?

Yes. The female player character is not wearing panties. This information was not disclosed in the ESRB.

In which Family Guy episode does Brian find out his Mom was dead?

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The sign which comes down to the island from the world of grownups is the dead body of a pilot attached to a parachute. The body eventually lands on the mountain top, where its parachute lines become entangled in the rocks. When the wind blows the tangle of lines causes the head and chest of the body to sit up and when the wind decines the head and the chest slump forwards onto the legs. If the boys had correctly identified the body at the begining they would have realised that it was evidence that the war was still ongoing and that some of the fighting was taking place close to their island. This might have encouraged them to believe that friendly forces where close by and rescue was quite possible if they managed to keep their signal fire lit. This would have added extra weight to Ralphs arguments of the importance of keeping the fire lit. Unfortunately the body was first spotted during the night and was mistaken for imaginary "the beast" which had previosuly been discussed during their meetings. This misidentification of the body as "the beast" lent weight to Jack's superstitions regarding the beast and ultimately led to the overthrow of Ralph and all he stood for.

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