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There isn't split-screen on dead island.

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Q: How do you get dead island splitscreen?
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Is the Dead Rising 2 co-op splitscreen?

No, you can not do splitscreen.

How do you splitscreen in read dead redemption undead nightmare?

There is no split screen in Red Dead Redemption, or it's expansion packs.

Is dead space 2 multiplayer two player?

Not splitscreen, only online. Team deathmatch is the only mode available.

Is Splinter Cell Conviction Prologue splitscreen?

You can play it on splitscreen or with XboxLive

Can you play splitscreen on medal of honor limited edition?

The most recent MOH has no splitscreen.

When did Dead Island happen?

Dead Island happened in 360.

Is Star wars clone wars republic heroes Splitscreen?

Well it plays two people, but it's not Halo splitscreen, it's Lego Indiana Jones splitscreen

What are the ratings and certificates for SplitScreen - 2013?

SplitScreen - 2013 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

Does Gears of War 2 have four player splitscreen multiplayer?

No, it only has 2 player splitscreen.

How many skulls are there in dead island?

what are the skulls in dead island used for

Can this game Mobile Suit Gundam Zeonic Front do Splitscreen multiplayer?

no it has no splitscreen or multiplayer opyions at all

Which game is better uncharted 3 or dead island?

to me, I think Dead Island