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They travel by airplane, like any other vampire that has to cross the ocean. If they want to go somewhere closer, they could run, but they usually have someone else doing the running for them.

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Q: How do the Volturi and the Volturi Guard travel?
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Who is demetris?

Demetri is one of the permanent Volturi Guard members from the Volturi.

Who are the leaders of the Volturi?

Marcus, Caius and Aro everyone else considered part of the Volturi- besides the wives- are part of the Volturi Guard.

In new moon who is Alec?

a sort of security guard for the volturi

What is the name of the ancient group of vampires in Italy in the twilight series?

they are called the volturi. it is a coven of 3 main vampires (who make sure all vampires keep the rules) and then their guard and the wifes.

What is Chelsea from the volturi guard's powers?

She can break relationships...Unlike Marcus who can seethem

Who is the antagonist in 'Breaking Dawn'?

Basically, the Volturi. They are the one's that everyone wants gone, so it would only make sense.

Who will Charlie Brewley play in The Twilight Saga?

Charlie Bewley will play the Volturi guard Demetri

Who is part of the volturi?

There are two parts to the volturi. One is the volturi coven: Aro, Caius, and Marcus. The wives are (Aro)-Sulpicia, (Caius)-Athenodora, and (Marcus)-Didyme. Didyme is dead though. The other part is the volturi guard: Alec, Jane, Chelsea, Afton, Corin, Demetri, Felix, Heidi, Renata, and Santiago.

When was Travel Guard created?

Travel Guard was created in 1982.

What is the population of Travel Guard?

Travel Guard's population is 700.

What is Travel Guard's population?

The population of Travel Guard is 2,009.

How old does Felix look in the volturi?

he has short, straight, brown hair. red eyes (of course). he is tall and fierce looking (also quite good looking!). he is one of the volturi guard