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Sauskes Sharingan was toughter than Narutos Nine Tails for the moment so when the rasengan and chidori collided naruto lost and therefore sauske won...

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Q: How did Naruto lose to Sasuke?
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Does Naruto ever get sasuke back after losing him?

Naruto will never lose to someone like that!!! lol ^_^

Will Naruto defeat Sasuke in Naruto shippuden?

Sasuke doesn't lose but neither does naruto sasuke uses his chakra just about when Itachi shows up and then sasuke chases after him then naruto yells ''hey come back sasuke we arent done here!'' but naruto has half of itachi's chakra, nagato's, he learned to control;l the beast, and he is the chjild of the prophecy.

Can you use kisame in naruto vs Sasuke?

hello.i am Vivekganandan . i the one answerd Kiba not loving with karui. Okey if naruto use Kisame sasuke will lose 50%.

Does Sasuke turn good?

no one knows yet, but possibly he does, ive heard that sasuke and naruto work together at one point to kill Madara, so yeh iunno. It'll probably be decided when Naruto and Sasuke fight again.

Is Naruto gonna die in the end Naruto shippuden and Sasuke is how killed him?

no at the end naruto is goin 2 hit sasuke in the head punch him actually nd he will lose him memory nd he will 4get everything tht happened

Who beat Sasuke in Naruto Shippuden?

Who beat sasuke in naruto shippuden?

Who is sexier naruto or sasuke?

In my opinion, Naruto is. I hate Sasuke.

Does Naruto eat Sasuke?

No, Naruto does not eat Sasuke.

Whos better Naruto or Sasuke?

sasuke,because in all there battles sasuke won over half

Who plays Sasuke from Naruto?

Yuri Lowenthal plays Sasuke from Naruto.

Who the oldest out of Naruto and Sasuke?

Sasuke is 18 days older then Naruto

Are Sasuke and Naruto gay?

In Boruto, it is pretty much confirmed that they are indeed straight. But there has been proof of Naruto having feelings for both Sasuke and Sakura. The creator of Naruto explained that it was like a love circle, Naruto liked Sakura, Sakura liked Sasuke, and Sasuke had special feelings for Naruto.