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It is fictional so you can rest assured that you are not a demon.

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Q: How can you tell when you are a demon like Inuyasha?
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Who plays the Demon Version of Inuyasha?

Richard Cox does the voice of Demon Inuyasha. He plays both Inuyasha and Demon Inuyasha. I hope that helped.

What does Inuyasha change to human or demon?

Inuyasha remains a half demon.

Is Inuyasha a full-demon?

No,Inuyasha is a half demon. His mother was a human and his father was a demon. I hope that helped.

Why does inuyasha want to be full demon?

InuYasha is half-demon because his father was a demon and his mother was a regular human.

Is Inuyasha a werewolf?

Inuyasha is a half dog demon and half human. His dad was a Full dog demon while his mother was human, which makes Inuyasha a half demon.

Can inuyasha fly?

no. he can not fly but he can jump really high. inuyasha can not fly because he is a dog demon not a bird demon.

Is Inuyasha a fox?

Inuyasha is half human and half dog-demon. His companion Shippou, though, is a fox demon.

In what Episode Did Inuyasha Try To Fight he's brother wile full demon form?

Um... When Sesshomaru was full demon? Or Inuyasha full demon? Well anyway, I'll say both. When Sesshomaru is full demon while fighting Inuyasha it is episode 007. They are there fathers grave fighting over tessaiga. When Inuyasha is full demon fighting Sesshomaru it is episode 52- A demon's True nature.

What anime has the white demon?


Is inuyasha a cat or a dog?

Inuyasha is half dog demon. inu means dog, neko means cat.

Who is shippo in inuyasha?

a cute little fox demon who travels with inuyasha and the others

What type of dog is inuyasha?

er... the demon kind! ~ Though InuYasha is a Half dog demon, creator Rumiko Takanashi has stated that InuYasha and his brother and Father are modeled off of the Japanese Inu-Akita, hence his cute fluffy ears.