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There is no real way to build a WWE ring, it is very difficult to master the techneques of their ring, it is made so the wrestlers do not get hurt as bad as on real material. Contact WWE to see if tey have an answer.

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To make one, first you ned to decide how the original is made, and draw up a plan - then go to your local hardware store and buy a bunch of steel Fencing, pipe and weld together. That is basically what it is.

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go to eBay and search wwe ring. then click on it, place your bid and hope you win.

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Q: How can you make a WWE steel cage?
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How do you make an WWE steel cage for action figures?

you buy the wwe steel cage for big figures

How do you win a steel cage match in the WWE?

To win a steel cage match in the WWE you have to pin the opponent.

When was the first steel cage match had in WWE?

The first steel cage match happend in 1937

In WWE how high in feet is the steel cage?

The Steel Cage has been claimed to be at least 30 feet in height.

What are the measurements of the steel cage used in WWE?


How do you get steel cage match in PC game WWE raw?

Yes there is a steel cage match in svr 07

How do you unlock steel cage match on WWE raw PC game?

you just unlock it

Is the cage they use in WWE really made of steel?

yes, it is 20 ft and 5 tons made out of pure steel

Wwe 2008 xbox get out of the steel cage door?

you have to superplex them and when it opens you have to press x at the right time like when you have to climb out of the cage

How do you unlock steel cage match in WWE total edition?

You must beat your enemy and push the steel cage door and if the enemy stands up get ready for knocking him out again, then, do the same step, then, you'll open that cage.

How do you play steel cage match in thq WWE raw total edition PC game?

Its easy just play the game and get on steel cage , and start playing it and see how it will go.

How do you get a steel cage in WWE total edition 2009?

you play a hell in a sell match on exebition