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jhon cena. he is now holding wwe title for 10th time.

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Q: Who won the steel cage match at extreme rulrs 2011?
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Who wins WWE extreme rules 2011 john cena vs john Morrison vs miz?

John Cena defeated John Morrison and The Miz in a steel cage match. He is the new WWE Champion.

When did john cena beat miz for WWE title?

John Cena defeated The Miz for the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules (2011) in a Triple-Threat Steel Cage Match, also involving John Morrison.

Who are the people in svr 2011 and what matches are going to be in svr 2011?

There is going the be a (strecher match) (table match) (ladder match)(hell in a cell) (steel cage) (backstage) (locker room) (scramble) (ironmatch)

How do you get an object from a fan on WWE 2011?

You need to go to the crowd and press "X" on PS3 or "A" on Xbox 360. The match must be an extreme rules match.

Who won the last man standing match at extreme rules Randy Orton or cm punk?

Randy Orton defeated CM Punk in a last man standing match at the 2011 Extreme Rules Pay-per-View.

What did Michelle do after she get married?

she faced her partner layla in a loser leaves wwe match at extreme rules in 2011 at she left wwe

Who won the last ladder match in WWE?

Christian won the last ladder match against Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules.As of June 1st, 2011.

What are the release dates for Extreme Couponing - 2011?

Extreme Couponing - 2011 was released on: USA: March 2011

Is goldburg returning to WWE in 2011?

possibly bill goldberg the rock hasn't put a match out of his mind and triple h is a mystery opponent for sheamus at extreme rules

What are the release dates for Extreme Chef - 2011?

Extreme Chef - 2011 was released on: USA: 26 June 2011

What match types will be in smackdown vs raw 2011?

Theres going to be over 100 match types, but all I know is that Hell in a Cell got revamped, also TLC got a big over haul, of course theres singles, tag team, triple threat and fatal four way matches also a submission match (for singles and tag) also MITB. Elimination Chamber, A Gauntlet Match I would think is in there, Steel Cage, Street Fight, Strap Match, Last Man Standing Match, Hell I think even the hair match will be in there if you want a certain superstars hair shaved, also Extreme Makeover for the ladies. My Friends told me that there will be an arm wrestling match

Who was the man of the match in India Pakistan semi final match 2011?

Sachin Tendulkar was the man of the match in India Pakistan semi final match 2011.