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Pre-Win XP you can set it to 0 mines.

Post XP you have to have at least one mine.

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Q: How can you get a clear level on minecraft?
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What level does a dungeon on Minecraft?

A dungeon in Minecraft can spawn on any level that normal land can spawn on

How do you clear inventory with single player commands mod for minecraft?

do /clear inventory or just /clear

How do you cancel your Minecraft account?

Clear all the Minecraft folders on your computer and don't use the same Minecraft name :D

How do you clear Minecraft jar?

delete your BIN and then run minecraft, it will then be cleared and restored, this doesn't change your worlds.

What is the highest level of enchantment in minecraft with no mods?

The highest enchantment level in Vanilla Minecraft is level 30 through the use of bookshelves surrounding an enchantment table.

How do you clear xp in minecraft?

I do not know why you would want to clear your XP, but if you do, kill yourself In-Game.

Is a MacBook Pro good for Minecraft?

Yes because macs are very clear for minecraft because I have done that before

What is a texture pack that makes glass clear?

cool minecraft

Do you have to pay daily for minecraft?

Nope, buy it once and your in the clear!

What is the highest level of the sun in Minecraft?

The highest level of the sun in Minecraft is 12:00 PM, which is during the afternoon. (It is the same thing in reality, too!)

When it says minecraft is experincing a problem after installing a mod what do you do?

force update minecraft to clear all your mods then if you want try again.

How do you reset your level in everybody edits?

Click "modify level" then clear level. type CLEAR in the box and click save