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Q: Have there been any young deaths in Peak District?
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What happens to the boy from district 13 in the Hunger Games?

District 13 is no longer involved in the hunger games. Or anything at all for that matter. When the districts rebelled against the Capitol, district 13 was totally obliterated *SPOILER ALERT* in the third book, you find out that district 13 has been living safely underground plotting against the Capitol.

How might Katniss be responsible for the uprising in district 8?

Katniss is responsible for the uprising in District Eight because while it had been building and prepared long before Katniss won, the rebel citizens used her and Peeta's District Seven Victory Tour stop as an excuse to be all at the square, watching them, all at once, and then they started the uprising.

What was Lester Young most known for?

Lester Young was known for being an American Jazz tenor saxophonist. Lester Young has also been known for playing the clarinet and for his long concerts.

Why did the ballas kill Carl Johnson mother?

Because they want to put the grove street on fire again.because they been bored after the deaths of some grove street.

What are career tributes in the Hunger Games?

The career tributes in The Hunger Games are generally the tributes from districts one, two, and four. In the first book, these tributes are Marvel and Glimmer from District 1, Cato and Clove from District 2, and two unnamed tributes from District 4. In the second book, District 1's tributes are Cashmere and Gloss, District 2's tributes are Brutus and Enobaria, and District 4's tributes are Finnick Odair and Mags.

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