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District 13 is no longer involved in The Hunger Games. Or anything at all for that matter. When the districts rebelled against the Capitol, district 13 was totally obliterated *SPOILER ALERT* in the third book, you find out that district 13 has been living safely underground plotting against the Capitol.

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There are no tributes from District 13 in the Hunger Games. But if you mean Peeta from District 12 you should read the book and find out :)

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Q: What happens to the boy from district 13 in the Hunger Games?
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Who is in the book the hunger games?

He was the boy tribute from District 11 in the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games.

What were the names of the careers in the Hunger Games?

People that train for their lives and volunteer as tribute when they are 18. They usually win the Hunger Games.

Who died third fourth and fifth the hunger games?

3. Boy from District 4 4. Boy from District 5 5. Boy from District 6

What killed thresh in The Hunger Games?

Cato, the boy from District 2

Who plays boy from district 3 in the hunger games?

Ian Nelson

Who is from district 1 from the hunger games?

glimmer is the girl and marvel is the boy

Who kills rue in Hunger Games?

The boy from district 1, Marvel.

Who are Katniss Peeta and Gale from the hunger games are?

In the hunger games, Katniss is a 16 year old girl that takes her little sisters place in the hunger games, Peeta is a boy that is in the same district as Katness that also goes to the hunger games. Gale is a boy that calls Katniss, Katnip. They are all in the same district.

What was the boy and girl tribute from district 3 named from the Hunger Games?

In the 74th Hunger Games, you never find out there names. In the 75th Hunger Games, the boy tribute is Beetee, and the female tribute is Wiress.

Where do you get the pristine arrowhead in the hunger games adventures?

In the boy from district 1 backpack.

Who is selected as the boy tribute for district 12 in the hunger games?

Peta Mellark

Who kills rue in The Hunger Games?

A boy tribute from District 1 named Marvel.