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yes, he said on his twitter page something about a girlfriend - i don't know a name !

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Hehe you are soo wrong he is going out nobody he is single

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hannah hanktion

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Q: Has theo stevenson got a girlfriend?
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Who is theo stevenson's girlfriend?

He doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment although he says he is hoping to get one!

Who is theo stevenson dating?

No one actually he says his girlfriend is like a Xbox he doesn't have one

When was theo stevenson born?

Theo Stevenson was born on august 28th 1998.

When is Theo stevenson's birthday?

theo stevenson was born on august 28 1998

What is the religion of Theo Stevenson?

Theo Stevenson's religion is not publicly known.

Has Theo Stevenson had a kiss?


Has theo walcott got a girlfriend?

Yes. Her name is Melanie Slade

Is Theo Stevenson single?

He was asked in an interview from a gay magazine,and said that he is not.I don't remember the name of the magazine though.

How old is theo stevenson 2012?

he is 14

How tall is theo stevenson?

1.6 m

Did theo stevenson act a film before?


What is Theo Stevenson's address?

He lives in Essex were