Can Theo Stevenson sing

Updated: 4/28/2022
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dear theo stevenson i was wendering if you sing and i liked horrid henry and i wented to e your friend my name is suad omar and ican sing i sing in song and i win the competishon so i went to be a fimes singer bye .

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Q: Can Theo Stevenson sing
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When was theo stevenson born?

Theo Stevenson was born on august 28th 1998.

When is Theo stevenson's birthday?

theo stevenson was born on august 28 1998

What is the religion of Theo Stevenson?

Theo Stevenson's religion is not publicly known.

Has Theo Stevenson had a kiss?


How old is theo stevenson 2012?

he is 14

Did theo stevenson act a film before?


How tall is theo stevenson?

1.6 m

What is Theo Stevenson's address?

He lives in Essex were

What school does Theo Stevenson go to?

Theo Stevenson Goes to New Hall School in Essex, England (it's a private school). P.S. I Go to New Hall and I know Theo. He's in year 9.

What does theo stevenson like best?

Loves girls

Who plays horrid henry on the movie?

Theo Stevenson

What age is theo stevenson?

yh he is 13 but i luv him