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Yes yes it does.

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Q: Does fashion persuade people to spend money on those things which they really dont need?
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What personal qualities does a negotiator need?

They need to be able to persuade people to do things. They need to be able to persuade people to do things.

What is a good sentence for persuade?

I persuaded the people with my beautiful singing in the singing contest Sorry but I'm really dumb at these things;)

What does a fashion assistant do?

a fashion assistant does a lot for there fashion designer , such as picking up people , dropping people off at places, they plane things for there boss . They do anything really there boss tells them , they r like a pet .

How do fashion trends spread?

Certain areas have there own fashion trends but when people come to visit and they see different things they want them too. They like what they see. So really there are no fashion trends because in certain place they are really behind... SOOOO

Why people persuade you to buy things or think like them?

They want you to spend your money.

How can you help endangerd animals?

stop killing them for fashion or for things you don't really need

What is austin osman spare trying to persuade his audience to believe or do?

trying to make people imagine things and be an artist

What is the Ability to persuade and influence others?

awareness and motivation is the key to gaining people to look at things your way.

How did fashion change over the first five years of the decade in the 1960s?

fashion has changed over time, and the difference of todays fashion and the 1960s fashion is that today people are not as careless or expresive as the hippies were, also people started to see things different because of new advances. You also have to have in mind that people in the 1960s were from other decade and that things were not that advanced as they are now.

Can you please send me an Fashion Spot invitation?

can you please send me an "Fashion Spot" invitation? it would be really helpfully because I'm preparing for Fashion and Design University and there are a lot of cool things to discover. Thanks:)

How are fashion designers successful?

they are successful because they know there way around things and they also know many people that are famous that like there fashion.

What is merchandiser's view on fashion?

Interesting way to get people to buy things that they don't need.