Does blue Peter still exist

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Of course it does you idiotic silly billy

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Q: Does blue Peter still exist
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Did a blue whale already exist?

Blue whales still exist today, but they are rarely seen, sadly.

Does peter and peter associate exist?

no, not yet.

Will a blue peter annual be out in 2012?

Their is no Blue Peter annual this year according to former Blue Peter editor Richard Marson.

What is the blue Peter ship called?

The ship is called Blue Peter

Does the thin blue line still exist today and if so what are your thoughts on the thin blue line?

This line is an emblem that has been used to show support for police officers. It is still used today.

When was Peter Blue Cloud born?

Peter Blue Cloud was born in 1935.

When was Blue Peter - band - created?

Blue Peter - band - was created in 1978.

How does a ship signal departure?

By raising the blue peter flag

Do blue fugates from Kentucky really exist?

yes blue fugates do exist.

What was the name of the first 'Blue peter' dog?

The first blue Peter dog was 'Petra'

Does peter proost exist today?


Does peter hambessis exist?

of course he does