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Unfortunatley no

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Q: Do you always get a blue peter badge when you try?
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Can you get into cadbury world for free with a blue peter badge?

No, You don't have to pay for a badge you enter your form and they send it to you in the post. Sometimes it can take a matter of time. When I got my first badge it took about 4-5 months and for the 2nd one it took about a week. So it all ranges but if your badge doesn't arrive after a year or two don't be upset but try again for a badge because they don't send badges out to everyone!

What color eyeshadow should you wear with your navy blue and white dress?

you should where navy blue and a pearly white. Always try to match!

What do badge holders do, and where can they be purchased?

Badge holders are used to hold badges and are freely available online. Try Ebay or Amazon for the lowest prices. Also try the Target, WalMart and Sears websites.

How do you get e mystery badge in splashback?

try to get a bubble with zero chance

How do you verify A Drug Enforcement Agent badge number?

Contact the DEA and ask. Realistic advice: If he shows you a badge and a valid ID folder, I wouldn't try to interfere with his lawful actions if I were you.WRONG, WRONG, WRONG... I would always ask for ID and I would always verify, especially if they are in plain clothes. It is our right to verify who we are speaking with. They cannot hold that against you. Then they would be breaking the law.

Can badge holders be repaired?

It's difficult to repair a badge holder and have it look decent. Since they are made of a clear plastic they can sometimes tear around the metal clip area. You can always use clear tape to try and repair it but since they are rather inexpensive it might make more sense to just replace it.

What do you do after you got the 4th badge on Pokemon emerald version?

Try and get the 5th one lol.

How do you get the excellent badge Mario and Luigi Bowser's inside story 3?

Try your best to get to level 40 with mario and luigi. if you get both to this level (Rainbow Rank) the badge will be unlocked. CAUTION! Only attempt to get this badge if your attacks are flawless! The exelent!! badge Is the most powerfull badge, but ONLY exellent strikes the bar, and if you make one mistake, you start all over again!

Can you still get the linguists badge?

The badge has temporarily been retired. However, if you would like to try to apply for the future or learn more about the abdge, please message or contact the user "V"

How do you get in to the mahogany town gwm?

Try continuing with the storyline, I think you can go to the Lake of Rage and find a man walking with a dragon pokemon. He can help you. If that doesn't work, just try getting the next badge or two and then try again. Sometimes certain places are unlocked after you earn a badge and only then. Hope it works for you!

Where can you get salt Peter?

Try a garden shop

What is a sterling silver World War 2 army sharpshooter badge worth?

$10 try ebay