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Q: Who designed the original blue peter badge?
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How many people have one a blue peter badge gold?

Journalist Mark Boardman is one of less than 400 to have a gold blue peter badge

Do you always get a blue peter badge when you try?

Unfortunatley no

What is the blue peter 50 badge about?

there 50th anniversary i think

How can you get a blue peter 50th anniversary badge?

buy one off ebay

Is the blue peter gold badge made of gold?

yes it is, i thik it is, maybe not

Can blue peter badge holders go to Thorpe park?

Yer becuse i have one

You want a gold Blue Peter badge?

You have to save someone's life or show extreme courage.

Where do you type in the story to get a blue peter badge?

Find out the 'CBBC studio' address and send a letter to there.

Can you use a Blue Peter Badge To Gain access into Drayton Manor Park Tamworth?


What do the coulors on a blue peter badges mean?

Blue Badges are awarded for interesting letters or emails, stories, poems, really good ideas for the programme, pictures and for having appeared on the programme. They are not awarded for taking part in Blue Peter AppealsSilver badges are awarded for doing something different from your Blue badge project. For instance, if you won a Blue badge for an interesting letter or email, you could then win a Silver badge by sending us a picture, or a poem.Green badges are awarded for letters and pictures that are about the environment, conservation or natureOrange badges are for winners and runners up of Blue Peter competitions. To win one of these badges you will have to enter a Blue Peter competition.Purple badges are only for children who have been selected to be Blue Peter Team Players. To win a purple badge you must review an episode of Blue Peter. Print off the Purple Badge Form, fill it in and send it to the address on the right hand side of this page for your chance to be a team player.Gold badges are very rare, and only awarded for really outstanding achievements - for instance, saving someone's life or extreme bravery and courage

Which typically british item was given to Brad Pitt in June 2003?

Blue Peter Badge

How does your photo get on the blue peter badge card?

A Blue Peter badge card is a card with your name, ID and a date of expiry on it. After you get a badge, you fill in a form for a badge card and send it off. In a few weeks time, your badge card will come and you will have free access to many attractions in the UK. All badge owners under the age of 16 need a badge card for free entry, to prove they earned their badge. The badge card expires on the client's 16th birthday, because they will not need it any more. If you have got a badge, you need to visit provided link and get your card so you can take advantage of your achievement!