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Naruto accidently kissed Sasuke and was kissed by Isaribi and Fuka. In the past Tusande kissed her brother, her lover and Naruto on the head

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Q: Does anyone kiss on Naruto
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Does anyone kiss in Naruto Shippuden?

Fuka kiss Naruto

Does Neji kiss anyone on Naruto?


Do any of the characters in Naruto kiss anyone else?

Naruto kisses sasuke

Does Naruto kiss anyone in the series?

yes. Naruto kisses Sasuke in one of the early episodes of Naruto.

Will Naruto kiss anyone?

Naruto has kissed Sasuke but no one else so far.

Does Naruto ever kiss someone on Shippuden?

No, naruto hasn't kissed anyone on shippuden

Did Naruto kiss anyone?

Sasuke, and in the anime filler: Isaribi and Fuka

Did anyone kiss Sasuke?

No but when they were small naruto accidentally kissed sasuke someone pushed naruto from behind.

Did Sasuke ever kiss anyone?

well sasuke´s first kiss was with naruto xD but it was an accident yea sasuke kissed naruto but it was by mistake i think someone bumped into naruto from behind causing him to lip lock with sasuke but it was a total accident =T Sasuke's first kiss was with Naruto but Shikamaru bumped on Naruto for them to kiss on the lips but Sasuke might kiss Sakura in the future.

Who does Naruto kiss?

naruto doesn't kiss anyone as far as the episodes and the manga has gone. Only his clone kissed a girls in the shipuuden episodes who wanted to drain his chakra by kissing him. naruto kiss soe lady in shippuden i think he kisses sakura

Does anyone in Naruto ever kiss?

Yes. But the only one I can remember is at the beginning. Naruto & Sasuke, and Naruto was kissed by Isaribi and Fuka in the anime filler.

Does naruto kiss anyone?

Yeah, saskue in the beginning of the first series, I'm sure he will kiss sakura soon in the series

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