Is Naruto relly kiss Ino

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is Naruto relly kiss Ino
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What episode does Shikamaru kiss Ino in Naruto shippuden?

episode 333 or 332 one of them

Who is better sage Naruto or ino?

naruto will kill ino, ino is the weakest ninja in kanoha

Is Ino narto's friend?

if you meant naruto, then yes. ino and naruto were among the Konoha 11 squad hwoever, ino and naruto seldom have much connections

What is Ino's full name in Naruto?

Ino Yamanaka .

How can you get a kiss from Naruto in Naruto dating sim game?

All you have to do is go to Ino at her flower shop and get a high level on your charm. You talk, give presents, and flirt, which is why you need the charm.

What episode did Ino where a kimono?

It is in Naruto, episode 192 'Ino screams! Chubby Paradise'.Note: Available to watch Naruto or Naruto Shippuden episodes at

Who hates Naruto?

ino and girls

Is Ino in Naruto Shippuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3?

Ino is not in Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 3.

Does Sasuke even like anyone?

well.... sasuke does not seem like a guy who likes girls but the way i think.... he likes ino and when shikamaru said that ino is annoying sasuke was sad a little. but realy i am talking about naruto shippidun sasuke even KISSES sakura but is naruto i think he likes ino and i heard that he writes on his jurnal that he likes ino's beautiful long blond hiar.i checked the answer it was true he did write that.And ino and sasuke TRIED to kiss at the acadamy but sasuke knows that sakura was watching so he ran away with his face turning red he ALMOST kissed ino but as he didnt kiss because sakura was watching.... i guess he cares a little about her too but he said she is annoying in episode 3 So in naruto episodes sasuke likes ino

What episode in Naruto is when ino and Naruto are together?

Original series 192

Who does Ino like in naruto?

Ino, as well as many other girls, likes Sasuke.

Did Sasuke like anyone?

not realy. no.the top answer is correct but sasuke has feelings for ino.he thinks ino is much like him than sakura. sasuke grabs ino's both shaulders and ino gets a shock.then he unties her hair and KISSES her on was on naruto before ino cut her hair in the chunin exam.he Kisses ino infront of sakura and she starts crying and starts liking naruto a bit. but the truth is sasuke didnt kiss ino becaused he liked her no way! he new sakura was watching so to prove her that he does not like her.he says to sakura that ino looks cute when she unties her hair and sakura starts crying louder.then sasuke leaves her behind. thats not true. he doesnt kiss anyone except naruto. and he hates the konoha girls. except sakura's his friend well was