Does Neji kiss anyone on Naruto?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Does Neji kiss anyone on Naruto?
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Does tenten like anyone in naruto?

neji hyuga

Does Neji beat Naruto at the battle?

no....naruto beats neji.

How do i play the best team on naruto-arena using Neji?

neji,neji (s),naruto (s)

Will Tenten kiss anyone?

Neji Hyuga and Tenten will share their first kiss and get married. MR. AND MRS. HYUGA ALL THE WAY! THta is true its not lee and tenten its neji and tenten.

Can Neji use byakugan In Naruto Chronicles 2?

Can neji use byakugan In Naruto Chronicles 2 ?

Does Neji from Naruto have a demon?

No. Neji doesn't have a demon. He only possesses the Byakugan. Only Naruto and Gaara have demons.

Will Naruto kiss anyone?

Naruto has kissed Sasuke but no one else so far.

Does Naruto ever kiss someone on Shippuden?

No, naruto hasn't kissed anyone on shippuden

What episode of naruto does Neji learn sharingan?

Neji doesnt have Sharingan

What episode does tenten meet Neji?

Hi, I have read all Naruto mangas and i read them in Japanese so i am way ahead of the english books, and i have also watched Naruto Episodes on the Internet. But I am sure that i have never seen Neji and Tenten kiss yet. I might be wrong, or have missed a part though.

Who is better Neji or Naruto?

Naruto is definitely better than Neji. Naruto defeated Pain, the akatsuki leader which proved that at this time he is the most powerful in the leaf village.

Does Naruto win the fight against Neji?

yes in original Naruto in the {Chunin exams [I think]}