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She gives him the kiss of life in chapter 663.

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They don't kiss.

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Q: When does Neji and Tenten kiss?
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Will Tenten kiss anyone?

Neji Hyuga and Tenten will share their first kiss and get married. MR. AND MRS. HYUGA ALL THE WAY! THta is true its not lee and tenten its neji and tenten.

Did Neji touch tenten's butt?

well....hmm how do i put this..he did not really hug her(although i must say i am quite a fan) she fell and he caught her is all...

Who will be the partner of Neji hyuga?

Neji's partner will probably be Tenten or Lee! but Tenten has a better chance to be Neji's partner!

Did Tenten confess she likes Neji?

No, as far as the series goes Tenten does not confess that she likes Neji.

Did Neji hug Tenten?


Will lee and tenten be together?

no. obviously it is neji and tenten who will be together

Who does neji kiss?

In Road To Ninja: Hinata. He pervs on her in the bathroom scene.In Naruto SD: Hinata. He's obsessed with her.In the fillers: Hinata - watch episode 306.In the original manga - unknown. Still, it's implied that he loves and cares about Hinata, especially when he sacrifices himself for her.Source: A person who's seen the entire series.

Do Neji and Tenten kiss?

Go to the rock down the street take a left, see a hobo and ask him lol >:3

Who should tenten like?


Who should Neji like?


Does Neji and tenten get married?

No. Hate to break it to you, but Neji is currently dead.

What episode does Tenten train with Neji?

On episode 59, you see Tenten training with Neji for like 4 seconds that all I found.