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Q: Does Yu from Cinema Bizarre smoke?
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Is yu from cinema bizarre gay?

Yu is straight as a pole.

Does yu from cinema bizarre still with vanessa?

No, he is not still with her.

How do you say Yu name from Cinema Bizarre?

it is pronounced "you"

Does Kiro from Cinema Bizarre smoke?


How do you pronounce Yu from Cinema Bizarre?

you pronounce his name u or you

How tall is yu from cinema bizarre?

He's like 6 foot (:

Does Strify from cinema bizarre smoke?

No, he is very anti-smoking.

Why does yu from Cinema Bizarre have 369 tattooed on his hand?

Because 369 is his lucky #

Does yu cinema bizarre have a girlfriend?

No, he had a grilfriend named Dolly Christ but they broke up.

How old is yu from cinema bizarre?

HE is 22 I think he was born December 29th 1988 (I think :$) lol

Is Romeo and Yu from Cinema Bizarre starting their own band?

Yes, it's called Rouge Morgue.

Does kiro from Cinema Bizarre have msn?

No he does not but he does have a Facebook. Kiro,Yu, Shin and Strify have facebook's. Kiro,Yu and Strify are the only ones with Twitter accounts.