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That's really not for public debate. Whatever has occurred between them should remain private. ;)

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Q: Why did Yu phoenix from Cinema Bizarre and dollychrist break up?
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Why are Cinema Bizarre taking a break?

they need a break but they mite get back together

Did Cinema Bizarre really break up?

Strify clearly stated in an interview (in french) saying that Cinema Bizarre will no longer be together, due to the fact that they want to start a new beginning (solo). All the band members also agreed to depart from Cinema Bizarre as well.

What will kiro Cullen do now after Cinema bizarre break up?

After the break up of Cinema Bizarre, Kiro Cullen may focus on pursuing solo music projects, collaborating with other artists, or exploring different creative endeavors within the music industry. He could also take time to evaluate his goals and consider his next steps in his music career.

Did yu phoenix break up with dolly christ?


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Is Cinema Bizarre going to break up?

Technically they did break-up but in the offical letter they posted on all of their social networking pages they said that they were "ending" They said they are ending on good terms and they were all just ready for something different. Strify is now going by Jack Strify is in talks about a solo album, Shin who is now going by Mr. Hangover has mentioned going in the studio on his Twitter, Romeo has said on Twitter that him and Yu have started a new band and are working on demos, and Kiro is now going by his real name Carsten Shaefer and there is now news about what he is doing after the break-up.

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