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Q: Does Kiro from Cinema Bizarre smoke?
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Does kiro smoke?

Kiro does smoke many pictures and videos have been taken of him smoking. The latest time he was photographed/videoed smoking was in June while the and Cinema Bizarre was in Paris.

Does Kiro from Cinema Bizarre wear glasses?


How do you pronounce kiro from Cinema Bizarre?


Is Kiro siriona from Cinema Bizarre a hermaphrodite?

no, he's a male.

Are shin and kiro from Cinema Bizarre going out?

Shin and Kiro are just friends but they have a lot of fun partying together and Kiro jokes about Shin often getting on his nerves, but no one in the band Cinema Bizarre has ever dated eachother.

Is kiro from Cinema Bizarre in a relationship?

Yes Kiro is, he has a boyfriend named Ricky Breitengraser he is a German TV personality.

What is Cinema Bizarre's Kiro's last name?

Schaefer is Karo's last name.

Does kiro from Cinema Bizarre have msn?

No he does not but he does have a Facebook. Kiro,Yu, Shin and Strify have facebook's. Kiro,Yu and Strify are the only ones with Twitter accounts.

Is kiro and stirfy from Cinema Bizarre together in real life?

No there just close friends.

Is kiro from cinema bizarre gay or bisexual or straight?

No. He is very much a guy. and has a boyfriend. (:

Does Yu from Cinema Bizarre smoke?


What is Kiro's real name?

Kiro's real name is Carsten Shaefer, his boyfriend said it on his Twitter before Kiro actually changed his Twitter name from "Kiro Cullen" to "Carsten Shaefer" after his band Cinema Bizarre broke up.