Does Train love saya

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I thing so because there is a part that saya die and train look really mad when he saw what happen to saya and train told creed that he was going to kill hem in a angry voice and that's why i think that train likes saya oh I mean love saya

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Q: Does Train love saya
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Do Train and Saya kiss?

No, they have not kissed each other before but i think if Saya were to be alive, Train and Saya would have got together in the end. I also think that Train has feelings for Saya even though he considered Saya a very good friend.

Does Haji love Saya or does Saya love Solmon Blood Plus?

Solomon interests Saya but Saya loves Haji and Haji loves Saya.

Does saya come back in the anime black cat?

No, she never came back at all. In the middle of the series, Train will meet with Saya's twin sister but love does not blossom between them.

What is i love you in Malay language?

"I love you" in Malay is "Saya cinta padamu."

Does train heart net like saya minatsuki?

No, it is stated in the manga that Train only considered Saya a very good friend. Nonetheless it is very possible that Saya had feelings for him.

What does the phrase Saya Kau Kasih mean?

Saya Kau Kasih = I love you

Does Solomon love Saya?

Yes in fact he does very much, even though he doesn't know her that well. But his love for Saya is more of a lustful love at first sight thing rather than the relationship Hagi has with Saya.

Who is Hagi from blood plus?

He is Saya's chevalier, he is always with her and when he is not he is waiting. Saya belives he and her have more of a family like relationship,but Hagi is in love with Saya.

Does hagi from blood plus love saya or diva?

Hagi loves only one person and that person is Saya

What is I love you in Malay?

"I love you" in Malay is "Saya cinta padamu."

Does Hagi loves Saya or does Saya loves Solomon?

Of course Haji loves Saya, as you can see on the day they first met until the series ends how big is his love and concern for Saya... but i also believe that saya also loves Solomon just as a friend, not a lover, unlike haji....!

How do to write i love you in Malay?

"I love you" in Malay is "saya cinta padamu".