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In 'like' as 'love', probably not. But it's possible.

In 'like' as in just 'like', well, maybe. He's insane, remember? It's not clear whether or not he likes Saya because he's like that.

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Q: Does Karl from blood plus like saya?
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Who is Hagi from blood plus?

He is Saya's chevalier, he is always with her and when he is not he is waiting. Saya belives he and her have more of a family like relationship,but Hagi is in love with Saya.

Does Haji love Saya or does Saya love Solmon Blood Plus?

Solomon interests Saya but Saya loves Haji and Haji loves Saya.

What is saya's height in blood plus?


Who is haji in blood plus?

In the anime Blood Plus+ Haji is the "chavelier" or protecter of the main character Saya. He restores her enerygy by letting feed off of his blood. He is immortal and lives only to serve saya.

Does hagi from blood plus love saya or diva?

Hagi loves only one person and that person is Saya

Blood plus characters?

Saya Kai Hagji Diva Solomon Mr.David Riku

In blood plus how old is Kai when saya goes into hibernation?

I'd say about 48+

Does Solomon from blood plus die?

Yes, he is swiped by the sword that has Saya's blood on it during the fight with James in episode 46.

Is hagi the hero of blood plus?

Honestly, yes he is. He is the male protagonist right after the main protagonist Saya.

Do haji and saya end up together?

They can't have children because they both have the same blood.

What happen to saya younger brother in blood plus?

You mean Riku? Well, he gets killed by Diva Saya resurrects him by turning him into her chevalier Then Diva rapes him and she accidently kills him, killing him permanently

Where does saya live Blood plus?

Well normally Saya ceased to grow old at age of 16 however in the anime, they do not tell the exact age of Saya just that she's over 100 years old so shes over.