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No, just one Anime series and one Manga series

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Q: Does Soul Eater have a second series?
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Will soul eater have a new series out soon?

There's a new Soul Eater manga series called Soul Eater Not!.

What is the name of the 2nd series of soul eater?

Soul Eater Not!

How many epesodes are in the anime soul eater?

The anime series "Soul Eater" has 51 episodes .

Will they be making a new series related to soul eater called soul eater not?

Soul eater is already a anime if thats what you meant.

How many ep are in soul eater?

The anime series "Soul Eater" has fifty-one episodes.

How old is Tsubaki in Soul Eater?

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is about 15 or 16 years old in the Soul Eater series.

What is the name of the second soul eater openinng?


When will episode 52 of the Soul Eater anime series come out?

The series ends at 51.

Who sings the second ending to soul eater?

Nishino Kana

Where is soul sick in the soul eater manga series?

I know where in the anime eps 35- i haven't fineshed

Why does soul eater not like the name evans?

I'm not sure why they used 'Not' but the name Soul Eater isn't for the name of the character. The name is well... For the series. (for eating souls as shown in the story).

How old is Liz in soul eater?

She is 17. She is second oldest (Stubaski is oldest)