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You guys! Nick is not racist. Of course he likes brown skin girls too! ... He'd probably even go out with one. - Sydney____________________________ ---- Actually the people above me are wrong as a matter of fact the Jonas surname is derived from the Austrian word jönvas meaning one of pure skin, aka white person, it has also been revealed that many close family and friends of the Jonas brothers support antisemitism. So, I'm pretty sure that in the eye of the Jonas Brothers anyone who's not white or is in a mixed race relationship is a dirty person. ----

Firstly, any skin color and/or race is beautiful and don't get it twisted. Secondly, it is HIGHLY unlikely that Joe, Nick, and Kevin would steep so low as to choose their partners with their skin color in consideration. May I remind you that Kevin Jonas' longtime girlfriend is 5 shades DARKER than he. Thirdly, the boys should not, and most likely do not, care about something as little as a name nor it's meaning and definanntly race, because those are completely out of one's control. Thank you kindly. - Sydney ----

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I've read in a magazine that Nick likes girls with brown hair. and Joe likes girls with Blonde hair. Nick dated Miley Cyrus while, Joe dated AJ. =) Hoped I help!

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yeah, why not?

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Q: Does Nick Jonas like girls who has brownish red hair?
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Does nick jonas love girls with brown hair?

yes he does

Does nick Jonas crush on girls with brown hair?

Of course he does

How does Nick Jonas have his hair?

nick jonas's hair is naturaly curly.

What type of girls does Nick Jonas like?

nick Jonas has recentley updated that he likes girls who smile and laugh. he likes girls with long dark hair and brown eyes. but recentley said he prefers blue eyes.

What is Nick Jonas's hair color?

Nick Jonas's hair color is Dark Brown.

Does Nick Jonas like girls with long brown hair?

Well he went out with miley cyrus.

What exact hair color does Nick Jonas have?

Brown is the exact color of Nick Jonas' hair.

What color is Nick Jonas hair?


Does joe Jonas love a brown hair?

He prefers blonds nick loves brown haired girls

What does Nick Jonas look for a girl?

Girls with short brown hair and brown eyes and girls with the name julie.lolz its true i heard him say it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does Nick Jonas Like Redheads?

Nick Jonas and His brothers like all colors of hair..... (EVEN PURPLE-JOE) lol not really but yeah he does like girls with blode hair brown black and yes red heads too :)

What color eyes would your baby have if you married Nick Jonas and your eyes are hazel and you have dark brown hair?

Most likely your baby will have like a dark green or a brownish greenish color.