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Miley Cyrus naturally has brownish with blonde streaks, it naturally curly, but sometime she straightens it.

In 2006 when Miley found out she had landed the part of Hannah Montana she dyed her hair blonde to celebrate.

In 2008 after her breakup with Nick Jonas she dyed her hair black to show her mourning.

These aren't the only times she dyed her but are probably the most famous

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Miley Cyrus has brown hair. As Hannah Montana she has blond hair.

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she wants her hair to be black

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Q: What color hair does Miley Cyrus have?
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What color is Miley Cyrus's hair?

Miley Cyrus' hair color is dark brown.

What is Miley Cyrus hair color in her music video start all over?

Miley Cyrus Hair Color Was Brown And A Lilttel Of Blond Hairs

What color was Miley Cyrus hair?

Her natural color is blonde. no miley cyrus hair is naturaly brown but she changed it to a bleach blonde - nadia feddersen

What color is Miley Cyrus's hair light brown Dark brown Medium Chocolate?

Miley Cyrus's natural hair colour is light brown.

What colour hair does Miley Cyrus have?

Miley Cyrus has been known to change her hair color quite often. Currently, she is using blonde hair that is cut short.

What color was Miley Cyrus's' hair at the 2010 Grammy Awards?


Why is Miley Cyrus blonde?

The most likely reason that Miley Cyrus is blonde is that she wishes to be blonde. Her natural hair color is a light brown.

Why did Miley Cyrus change her hair color?

She changed her hair color because she wanted it to look like her sister's hair, Brandy.

Does miley Cyrus have black hair in real life?

Her natural hair color is actually brown

Is Miley Cyrus's hair layered?

yes Miley Cyrus's hair is layered

What color is Miley Cyrus hair now help?

Her hair is ugly brown but she couldn't care less about what you think!

What color is Miley Cyrus' hair in the 7 things video?

It is kinda a strawberry red color - like mine