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Joe has longer-than-normal-for-boys hair, which is styled in a way which he says is influenced by anime. He is supposedly the tallest Jonas Brother. Nick is the shortest Jonas Brother, and has curly hair. Kevin sometimes wears his hair straight, and at other times it's curly. The one thing that can definitely separate him from his brothers is the fact that he has longer-than-normal sideburns. Kevin is the only Jonas Brother with hazel eyes; Nick and Joe have brown.

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yes you can. Kevin's the ugly one with poofy hair and sideburns. Nick is the one with curly hair but soooo cute. Joe has sraight on the top and curly on the botttom. So basicly tell them apart by there hair. If you love them them here's a good website:

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Q: How can you tell the difference between the Jonas Brothers?
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