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Q: Does Justin Bieber monster jam
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Is Justin Bieber a monster?

No, Justin Bieber isn't a monster, he is a sexy beast. ;)

When did Justin Bieber sign to a label?

Justin bieber signed to his label Island Def Jam in 2008

What is Justin Bieber's animal jam name?


Which label is Justin bieber signed to?

Justin Bieber is signed to "Island Def Jam"usher

Which band did Justin Bieber say he would like to jam with?

Justin would love to jam with Oasis and The Saturdays how awesome is that.

What company does Justin Bieber sing for?

Justin Bieber is currently signed to Island Def Jam. He was discovered by Usher Raymond.

Is justin bieber part of a band with Cody Simpson and greyson?

No, Justin Bieber is in his own "Island Def Jam" band

What record is Justin Bieber with?

he has a contract with def jam records.

What record companoy is Justin Bieber with?

Island Def Jam.

What singing agency is Justin Bieber in?

Island Def Jam.

Where is Justin Bieber's studio?

Island Def Jam Records.

What is Justin Bieber music company?

island def jam