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Hashizo Okawa had two sons. Some pictures of the family here: This site also has some information (Japanese). You can translate it using Google Translate.

This is his official fan site:

The one in the top picture is his younger son, Niwa Masashi Sada. He is still acting. Hashizo's other son and wife, Mariko are in some of the other pictures.

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He had 2 sons.

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Q: Does Hashizo Okawa have children and how many?
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The names of hashizo okawa II sons?

Eldest, Okawa Tatsugoro, 大川辰五郎 Youngest, Niwa Masashi Sada (also used the surname Okawa, as a child actor), 丹羽貞仁 Both had occasional roles on their father's TV show "Zenigata Heiji" and on stage during Hashizo's Kabuki specials. The younger son continues to act on stage and screen.

What actors and actresses appeared in Koi yamabiko - 1959?

The cast of Koi yamabiko - 1959 includes: Okawa Hashizo Sumiko Hidaka Kunio Kaga Satomi Oka Keiko Okawa Kenji Susukida Haruo Tanaka Jun Tazaki

Japanese celebrity keiko okawa jidaigeki actress. Is she related to hashizo okawaII?

No, she is not. She was, however, his love interest in several of his films. Active during 1957-1962, she left the movie business to marry a businessman.

Did Hashizo Okawa get a divorce and which wife gained his fortune?

I assume you are asking about Hashizo Okawa II, the jidaigeki actor of the 50s and 60s. No, he was only married once, to Mariko Sawamura, a former geisha. You may be thinking of the actress, Yukiji Asaoka, with whom he had a relationship. She talks about their time together in her book, 雪の結晶 (Snow Crystals). She has been married twice. Hashizo chose to marry Mariko after she became pregnant with his child. Seemed to have caused a bit of a scandal, though that sort of thing occurred quite often in the geisha district. Hashizo himself being the son of a geisha. Generally, girl babies were allowed to stay with their geisha mothers, however, boy babies had to be given up for adoption. Mariko chose to leave the life of geisha. Their second son was born a few years later. She has also written a book, ふたりひとつ わたしの橋蔵親分 (My Boss, Hashizo). Hashizo was a good provider and reportedly ensured that much of his fortune would remain to support his family after his death. Both sons are in the entertaiment business one behind the scenes and the younger one an actor like his father. Mariko still speaks about 'life with Hashizo Okawa' at specials events. In fact, she is scheduled to appear at a special memorial event on May 22, 2009. Hashizo would have been 80 this year.

When was Hisayuki Okawa born?

Hisayuki Okawa was born in 1971.

What has the author Hakuu Okawa written?

Hakuu Okawa has written: 'Mori Ogai'

When was Okawa Museum of Art created?

Okawa Museum of Art was created in 1989.

When was Ai Okawa born?

Ai Okawa was born on 1993-07-17.

When was Okawa Shaznay born?

Okawa Shaznay was born on 1986-05-29.

When was Heizaburo Okawa born?

Heizaburo Okawa was born on 1939-12-02.

When was Yuri Okawa born?

Yuri Okawa was born on October 17, 1983.

When was Isao Okawa born?

Isao Okawa was born on May 19, 1926, in Osaka, Japan.