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Collectibles of well love icons usually increase with time.Harry Potter has many fans,young and old ,eager to collect.

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does harry potter like luna lovegood

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Q: Does Harry Potter merchandise gain value over time?
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What exactly are dementors in Harry Potter?

Dementors are magical beings exclusive to the world of Harry Potter. They are creatures that feed on people's emotion and gain strength from it. They produce mist when reproducing, and can suck your soul from your body ( leaving you a lifeless shell ) - the Dementor's Kiss.

Why in Harry Potter is Voldemort a bad guy?

Voldemort believes that only wizards who come from an all wizard families (pure bloods) deserve magic and he is extremely power hungry. He'll do anything to gain power and cheat death. He is responsible for recruiting death eaters who murder for him and torture anyone who gets in his way. Mudbloods (wizards born from muggles) are often mistreated and killed because of their family. He attemped to kill Harry, but failed. However, he killed harry's parents. Voldemort once told Professor Quirrell, "There is no good and evil; Just power, and those too weak to see it."- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

What is the sequence of events in Harry Potter?

Book 1: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone We are introduced to Harry Potter, an orphan, who is in grade school living with his adoptive family the Dursleys. Harry finds out he is a wizard and goes to Hogwarts (a wizarding school). While there he finds out he is an orphan because the most evil wizard who ever lived killed his parents and tried to kill him as a baby. Something went wrong and the evil wizard disappeared but Harry lived. He meets two friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. They go on an adventure to stop an unknown antagonist from finding the sorcerer's stone, a stone which can provide the elixir of life to any who own it. When they find it, they discover it was the evil wizard, Voldemort, who was searching for the stone. Harry defeats him and the school's headmaster, Dumbledore, takes care of the stone. Book 2: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Harry comes back to Hogwarts after summer break. He finds a magic diary with whom he can have conversations about the past events at Hogwarts. Shortly after finding this Hermione is turned into a statue; the first in a long line of attacks on students. Harry discovers the culprit is a basilisk which slumbers in the Chamber of Secrets and he works with his friends and a reluctant professor to find the chamber. While in the chamber Harry discovers the diary belonged to none other than Voldemort as a young student (Tom Riddle) and that the basilisk was under his control the entire time. Harry slays the creature and uses one of its poisoned teeth to destroy the diary. Book 3: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Harry runs away from home and attempts to get to school on his own. On the road he is followed by a large black dog. He hears that a dangerous criminal, Sirius Black, has escaped from a prison for dark wizards called Azkaban. He and his friends embark on a quest to find Sirius because Harry heard that Sirius was the one who gave away the secret hiding place of his parents on the night they were killed. Once they find Sirius it is discovered that Sirius was actually a friend to the Potters and it was actually Ron's pet mouse (who turned out to be a wizard morphed into a mouse) named Peter Pettigrew, or Wormtail, who truly gave away the secret. Book 4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire This year starts off as Harry is with the Weasley family. The death eaters (the wizard minions of the Dark Lord Voldemort) are getting increasingly more public with their acts of evil. Many rumors are circulating that the Dark Lord is returning soon. Back in school a new teacher, Mad Eye Moody, is teaching the students defense against the dark arts. This year the Triwizard cup, a competition between the three schools of wizarding. Harry is actually too young to enter but somehow his name is drawn as one of the contestants. He goes through each of the events and ties the final event with a fellow student, Cedric Diggory. At the culmination of the last event the two students are transported to a cemetery where Cedric is killed by Wormtail. Harry is trapped and a few drops of his blood is used to bring back Voldemort's soul to a physical body. After a battle with the Dark Lord and being saved by the spirits of his parents, Harry returns to Hogwarts where they discover Mad Eye Moody was an evil wizard posing as Moody. The book closes as Dumbledore tells the students that Voldemort is indeed back. Book 5: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix After the release that Harry confirmed Voldemort's return to this world, the wizarding world's government (the Ministry of Magic) begins to silence him. After a trial held for Harry the government places Dolores Umbridge as a teacher/informant of the school's activities. During this time it is discovered that most of Harry's adult friends are in league together as silent protectors known as the Order of the Phoenix. Together they attempt to thwart the Dark Lord's plans without the publicity of the Ministry of Magic. One member includes a known death eater and professor of the school, Severus Snape. Though he does not trust Snape, Harry and his friends work with the Order to find out as much as he can about the Dark Lord's rise. They learn of a prophecy kept in a vault which concerns Voldemort and Harry. They try to find this prophecy and a battle between the Death Eaters and the Order ensues, resulting in the death of Sirius Black. As they try to leave Voldemort himself comes to kill Harry and battles Dumbledore. As the authorities arrive on the scene Voldemort leaves and the entire world is alerted that the Dark Lord has returned. Book 6: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Harry is back at Hogwarts when he discovers a used potions book which has the name "The Half Blood Prince" written on the inside of the cover. The tips and notes written in the text book allow Harry to excel in his potions class and gain the attention of his teacher, Horace Slughorn. While meeting with Dumbledore throughout the year we discover that Voldemort has created "horcruxes" which hold a piece of his soul and allow him nearly eternal life. One such was the diary from The Chamber of Secrets. As Dumbledore finds one more, he takes Harry to it. There Dumbledore is nearly killed and the two return to Hogwarts with him very weak. When they return to the school they find it has been infiltrated by Death Eaters and Severus Snape kills Dumbledore with the Avada Kadavra curse. At the end of the book Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione vow to not return for their final year, but will find and destroy the rest of the horcruxes and kill Voldemort. Book 7: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows In the final book Harry and his friends are searching for the horcruxes. While on the way Harry learns of the last horcruxes and they destroy each one in turn. After Voldemort recovers his full power he attacks Hogwarts. While there Harry is struck by the killing curse again and enters a sort of dream state where he talks with Dumbledore. Dumbledore reveals to him all that Harry didn't understand about his relationship with Voldemort and he returns to his body. During the final battle at the school Harry kills Voldemort and the Death Eaters are disbanded. The final chapter discusses Harry's future in the Ministry of Magic working as an Auror, evil wizard hunter, and his family with Ginny Weasley (Ron's little sister).

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Is Adele Alice gain's aunty?

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How did Harry Potter become popular?

Harry Potter increased in popularity through the release of the movies, starting from 2001. This helped to gain a fan base who would recommend it to their friends causing more people to become fans. The movies also allowed it to reach a wider audience and caused merchandise to be released.

What do you have to do to gain entrance for the prefects bathroom in Harry Potter?

You have to say a certain password to get into the prefects bathroom.

Did Draco Malfoy become friends with Harry in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

They didn't become friends, but they did gain a respect for one another.

What exactly are dementors in Harry Potter?

Dementors are magical beings exclusive to the world of Harry Potter. They are creatures that feed on people's emotion and gain strength from it. They produce mist when reproducing, and can suck your soul from your body ( leaving you a lifeless shell ) - the Dementor's Kiss.

How many publishers denied Harry Potter?

Close to ten denied J.K Rowling the opportunity to publish the Harry potter series. It was dubbed by four publishers as "un-sellable" and "too fictional to sell". I attended a speech by Joanne to gain this insight. It was a classic david and Goliath story with the ultimate winner being Bloomsbury who published the original Harry potter and own most of the rights.

Who is Dudley in the Harry Potter movies?

Dudley Dursley is Harry Potter's cousin, the son of Vernon and Petunia Dursley. Dudley is a muggle who was raised to believe Harry was worthless and that Dudley was perfect. He was extremely spoiled and often bullied Harry with no consequences. In the fifth movie, Harry saves Dudley's life and Dudley later begins to gain some respect towards his cousin. Dudley Dursley is played by Harry Melling in the movies.

Why did Nicolas Flamel make the Philosopher's Stone in Harry Potter?

This was never explored in the book but was probably because he wanted gain an achievement in alchemy or because he wanted to be immortal and rich.

Is there an additional charge for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter if you have already purchased tickets to Universal Studios?

Harry Potter is an "Island" located within Islands of Adventure which is one of the two separate parks located in the Universal Orlando property; the other park is Universal Studios. There is not a separate charge once you gain access to Islands.

Who was Peter Pettigrew?

He was a wizard who went to Hogwarts at the same time as James Potter. He was one of the marauders and friends with James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. He then joined the Death Eaters, became James and Lily Potter's secret keeper an betrayed them. He also helped Voldemort gain his body back. He died in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Does Hagrid appear in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?

During Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Hagrid and Madame Maxime were in the wilderness trying to gain support of the giants before Voldemort could convince them to aid him. Hagrid actually appears later in the book when he returns to Hogwarts with his giant, half-brothe, Grawp, who remains hidden in the Forbidden Forest.

What is the overview of Harry Potter book 5?

The fifth Harry Potter, the Order of the Phoniex, is the climax of the series. it is very dark and very interesting. voldemort is beginning to gain power and recruit followers. both harry and Dumbeldore insist that he is back, but no one believes them. the ministry tries to gain control over hogwarts. harry starts to realize his feelings for Ginny, and he teaches a group of peers defense against the dark arts illeagally because this years teacher is awful. in the end they battle death eaters and voldemort and sirius dies. after seeing voldemort in the ministry, the public is forced to believe that he is back.

How did J.K. Rowling gain her fame?

She gained fame after writing harry potter and the sorcerers stone. at first she thought not many people would like it but now she is famous world wide. Hope this helps. :) :) :)

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