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Yes she does.

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Q: Does Hannie dropkick have a sister?
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Where is Hanni Dropkick from?

Hannie Dropkick is from Lahti, Finland.

What country does hannie dropkick come from?

Finland, She is Finnish.

What is Hannie Dropkick real MySpace?

Its or

Who is hannie dropkick?

Hannie Dropkick's real name is Hanna Lee Marika and she's just a normal girl who just happened to get a lot of attention throughout her MySpace profile. She's 23 years old.

Girls who dress emo are called what?

They are called scene. look up Katie babyfayce or hannie dropkick

How does Hannie Dropkick have such big eyes?

she increases it by adding makeup, by rounding her eye shadow and wearing false lashes

What are the names of some unknown scene girls?

Kaity Babyface, Brookelle Bones, and Hannie Dropkick. Also on youtube: Bad Kitty and Kitty Mallow! :)

Who is the biggest scene queen?

well i find that kiki kannibal and brookelle bones are the most popular.. but i personally find Hannie Dropkick or lexi lush should win :)

Who does Hannie dropkick model for?

Hannie the dropkick model does modeling for brands and photographers looking for an unusual aesthetic or style. She is known for her unique look and ability to bring an edgy and alternative vibe to fashion shoots.

Who are the major Scene Queens?

kiki kannibal Dani Gore Lexi Lush Dakota Rose Raquel Reed Jeffree star (: brookelle bones Hannie Dropkick Zui Suicide

What nicknames did Hannie Lips go by?

Hannie Lips went by Tante Hannie.

When was Hannie Termeulen born?

Hannie Termeulen was born in 1929.