What are the names of all the scene queens?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are SO many. Like, over 500 hundred. But here are some:

Hannie Dropkick

Audrey Kitching

Kelly Killjoy

Wiwi Candyholic

Brittany Kramer

Brookelle Bones

Kiki Kannibal

Dakota Rose

Vanna Venom

Barbie Beatdown

Izzi Murder

Katie BabyFayce

Melissa Marie

Dani Gore

Hannie Goredoll

Jac Vanek

Izzi Hilton

Jeffree Star(I DON'T CARE, he's a queen 2 meh!)

Jessie Cupcake

Mary Riot

Steph Parrell aka Etoilé

That's SOME of them (:

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Q: What are the names of all the scene queens?
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What do scene queens ware?

anything that will cause a scene...hence the name

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What is pricier scene kids or scene queens?

Scene kids and scene "queens" aren't really different. Scene "queens" are scene kids that think they're better then the rest of our scene society. You mostly have to earn it, even though some claim to be it when they're not. Scene "queens" tend to have bigger and more colorful hair then the rest, wear more flashy clothes and colors, and are total jerks, unlike the rest of us scenes, who are actually sweet until you get on our bad side or you're a poser. And yes, we do think a lot of people are posers, not because "everybody is automatically because we're the only scenes or whatever" it's because some people dress like us and have totally different likes or personalities. um i disagree a little bit ..scene kids in general are just your average teenager with that "scene style" and to be a scene queen yes u do have to earn normally earn the sene queen title if ur popular on the internet and actually known for that style... normally scene queens(the real ones not fakes) have names like Kikikaniball,Audrey kitching,Dakota rose,Jennifer jenuin,Danni gore ,Barbie beat down,zui suicide,izzy murder.......People often make video slidshows of them ....................then again their are so many people that just put themselves on youtube and say that their scene queens (POSERS) like Lee lightning,Harmony flash pink, mimi many poses out their

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I have wanted to know this for a long time -- What is a scene name?

Who is Brookelle Renee Mckenzie?

Brookelle Renee Mckenzie is one of the most well known Scene Queens.