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Diving Down Dropkick

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Q: What is wwes primo colons finisher?
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Are the wwes carlito and primo really brothers?


Did carlito and primo have a tag team name?

Carlito and Primo are real life brothers and their tag team name reflected on that. They went by the name ''Los Colons'' which translates in English to ''The Colons'' cause their last names are both ''Colon''.

Where is WWEs sandman?

In jail

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Who is WWE brie Bella currently dating?

Carlito and Primo along with her sister Niki Bella. The Colons and the Bellas never dated off screen, Brie is dating a wrestler named Decnis, and Nikki is dating Lucha Libre star Cibernetico.

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No the colons all do the same thing in our bodies.

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