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No he doesn't. He ends up with Rachel.

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Q: Does Dex marry Darcy in something borrowed?
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What is the song in the movie Something Borrowed where Rachel is walking away from Dex in the rain?

Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead

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You get a diploma message for each, nothing much but completing the entire National Dex isn't something that you can do overnight

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In Maplestory when do you cap your dex for a warrior?

You should cap your warriors dex at 100 and get a few dex equips

If you evolve a non Sinnoh dex Pokemon before the national dex will i have the previos forms data?

Yes, if you evolve a Pokemon from the national dex while you are still using the sinnoh dex then all forms you have accessed previously, whatecver dex you are on, can be found on the dex. Hope this helps!

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Ummm, well there is dexless. 25 dex and all luck. Then low dex, which is like 30 dex. Then of course when you see the guys wearing awesome clothes, means that they DO have DEX. Most of the time they are dex.

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