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You get the national dex when you beat Cynthia. And get the poke dex at Rowan's lab.

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Q: How do you get the poke dex in Pokemon platnam addition?
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Where can you get poke rader on Pokemon diamond?

Get the national poke dex and talk to profeser rowanTo do that you have to see every Pokemon in the small poke dex you will get the Poke rader! :]

Where do you get the pokeradar to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You get the Poke-radar when you get the National Poke-dex. To get the National Dex, you need to see, not obtain, all of the sinnoh regioon pokemon.

What is the no 72 Pokemon in the poke dex?

The 72nd Pokemon in the Pokedex is Tentacool

What do you do after completing Pokemon league in Pokemon Platine?

Finish your poke dex

What Pokemon is 486 in the national poke dex on Pokemon platinum?

It appears to be... Regigigas!

In Pokemon diamond what Pokemon is number 45 in the first poke dex you get?

Its burmy

What is the last Pokemon in the national poke-dex in platinum?


How do you get a poke Radar in Pokemon platinum?

right after you get national dex

How do you get past the battlepark on Pokemon Pearl?

first you need to get the national dex to do this you need to see all Pokemon in sinnoh to compleat the national dex see all Pokemon on the poke dex

What Pokemon is number 114 on the Sinnoh region poke dex in Pokemon diamond?

It is Tangela.

How do you get the poke raidar in Pokemon Diamond?

You get the poke radar as a reward for obtaining the national dex by seeing all the Pokemon in the sinnoh region

What happens when you have seen all the Pokemon in leaf green?

You should get the Global-Dex. (Global Poke-Dex)