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On the show the boondocks, it does seem in some way of a connection between Riley and Cindy. Though on the episode "ballin" Cindy and Riley don't seem to like each other throughtout the other shows she has appeared on Riley and Cindy seem to have a connection

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She is a Caucasian girl in Huey's class who appears to be utterly clueless about racial issues.

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Q: Does Cindy mcphearson like riiley on the boondocks?
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Does Cindy like riley?

no but i can see that they have a speacial connection

Where you can watch the boondocks censored?

On websites like youtube, hulu, Cartoon network and (adult swim).

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Where you can watch the boondocks censored?

On websites like youtube, hulu, Cartoon network and (adult swim).

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