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Actually I am about to move out of the Flo Critt Indepent Living Program....and why you may ask? Well I honestly do not understand why they call it a "INDEPENDENT LIVING" program when they give you rules like a curfew and no boys in your room and you have to do this and that....The two main people of the program Nicole and Cindy pretty much treated me like I was there child telling what to do....calling me a liar....accusing me of things I did not do. Also doing the same to the rest of the other girls that lived there...honestly all off us girls talk about the two main people that are in charge of the program (Nicole and Cindy) and we all say the same exact thing we strongly dislike both of them because they treat all the girls that get involved in the be honest like shit....i would not recommend this program to anyone....not a single girl unless you wanna be mistreated....

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Q: How is the Florence Crittenton Indepent Living Program?
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