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First Person Said: Woodcrest (Maryland or California).........timid deer lane..........the freeman household.

Second Person Says: I thought it was in Maryland not California. I could understand if it was Maryland because that's where the author, Aaron McGruder, lived for some time. However, McGruder might have placed it in California because that's where he presently lives. I thought it was Maryland because they always are making specific references to Maryland and Maryland University. Ok, HOW CAN IT BE IN WOODCREST CALIFORNIA IF IT SNOWS ALOT! There you have it, it can't be Southern California's Woodcrest because it doesn't snow like 2 ft. In Maryland it can snow like that.A fictional Woodcrest is the setting of the comic strip and animated series, The Boondocks. It is unclear as to whether or not it is Woodcrest, California, though it is assumed to be in Maryland, based on a ZIP code shown in one strip.

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a comic strip that was sold for over 100,000 dollar to adult swim

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Really just random events that happen to two African-American children and their grandfather.

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Q: Where does the boondocks take place?
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