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hey if you want to know that what happened in dragon ball gt there are so many ways like play a game which has story from dragon ball to dragon ball gt or see in you tube one by one all the episodes is the way I know what happened in gt and AF.If you don't getting game you can take like dragon ball budokai tenkaichi3, dragon ball raging blast or dragon ball burst limit

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Q: Do you have to watch Dragon Ball gt to understand the Dragon Ball series?
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Is Dragon Ball Z Kai an unending series?

Kai ends after the cell games, though some people insist there going to do the majin sagas, i disagree with them,Dragon Ball Z Kai is only an edit of Dragon Ball Z - Season 1- 6. So if watch DBZ Kai, you then have to watch season 7 - 9 which are available as digitally remastered. (Then there is Dragon Ball GT).

when was Goku from "Dragon Ball /Z/GT/super" born?

he was born 1956 according to the creator of dragon ball series, Akira Toriyama

Is Dragon Ball z and Dragon Ball gt made by the same person?

yes, but it has some different sponsor plus the creator, Akira Toriyama, had made DBZ and wanted to end it but Ataria, a sponsor, made Toriyama do dragon ball gt, and that is why he made it short (64 episodes.) Also if you want to know Akira, Toriyama was going to make a dragon ball af or something but changed his mind because people kept asking him when dragon ball af or another title would come out and he got so angry he decided to end the dragon ball series with dragon ball gt and if you ever hear that dragon ball af is real and you can watch it its probably something that will give you a virus or a tracking cookie (especially zango, never believe in zango, it is not good and is annoying, yes you have to download it.) Dragon ball af is fan made but is pretty nice and exciting to watch such as seeing gohan super saiyan 4. !

Where can I go online to watch episodes from the the Dragon Ball Series besides YouTube?

It is not legal to watch licensed shows on most YouTube channels, or manga fan sites like MangaFox. However, DragonBall Z Kai is legally available on NickToons.

Where to watch Dragon Ball Z Kai?

Watch it on