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the new series of Dragon Ball Z is called dragon ball z kai

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Q: What is the new series of Dragon Ball Z called?
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What is the new Dragon Ball series?

dragon ball z kia

What were all the names of dragonball series?

Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball GT. There have been rumors about a fourth series called Dragon ball AF, but many have dismissed it as false as there is a lack of validity. Yes that is true but There is new one's (Not listed in order) So Dragon ball Dragon ball Z Dragon ball GT Dragon ball AF Dragon ball Absalon And i think i don't know but possibly Dragon ball yoshi? i actually don't know That may be a series Dragon ball, Af, Absalon, And yoshi (I don't know if this is one) Have not been aired but is still a work in Progress Ok thats all cya guys :D

What is the difference between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Kai?

It is not called "Dragon Ball Z Kai". It's just "Dragon Ball Kai". Dragon Ball Kai is an digitally remastered version of Dragon Ball Z with better graphics, audio, new music and new voice actors. Also, Dragon Ball Kai has a different beginning and end than Dragon Ball Z. In addition (or subtraction), they removed about 200 episodes from Dragon Ball Z for Dragon Ball Kai, making a long 300 episode series into a short 100 episode series.To prevent any further complication, here is a list of all the generations of Dragon Ball:Dragon Boy: A short 2 chapter manga based on a book called "Journey to the West". It was Akira Toriyama's original version of Dragon Ball.Dragon Ball: A remake of Dragon Boy. It was originally a weekly comic in the Weekly Shonen Jumpmagazine. It was later turned into a manga. Not only was this version of Dragon Boy much longer but it was also one of the most popular manga ever created. It not only has a manga but it also has an anime.Dragon Ball Z: This manga/anime was originally part of Dragon Ball but they separated it from Dragon Balland renamed it "Dragon Ball Z". This generation is the sequel to Dragon Ball.Dragon Ball GT: This is the sequel to Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball GT has a different animation style than Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball GT is unfortunately the shortest series of all generations and it does not have a manga.Dragon Ball Kai: The digitally remastered version of Dragon Ball Z with a new beginning and an end. They removed a significant amount of episodes as well.Dragonball Evolution: Dragonball Evolution is a live action movie (that is rumored to soon become a series of movies) that is based on Dragon Ball.Dragon Ball AF: Dragon Ball AF is a series created by fans. It was originally an April Fools prank ("AF" probably stands for "April Fools") which involved lying to people about a new generation coming out soon. After people waited too long, they no longer has faith in the rumor. Later, fans of Dragon Ball decided to actually make a manga for Dragon Ball AF.The difference is Kai is a shorter and cleaner verson and remastered in HD

What is after a hero's legacy in Dragon Ball series?

Lets hope that Goku Jr sets out to find all 7 of the DragonBalls. Once he does so, he wishes all of the Z fighters back. And a new series begins!! Forever Alone :(

How do you get Bardock in Dragon Ball Z devolution new version?

brodock toggle 1

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Is there a series after Dragon Ball Z if so what is it called?

Yes, there is a new Dragon Ball series. It is called Dragonball GT

Is a new season of Dragon Ball Z called Dragon Ball hoshi?

No, it's a remake of the series abbreviated Dragon Ball Z: Kai. Dragon Ball Hoshi is a fake.

Why did the maker of Dragon Ball Z and gt not make a new series?

They are making a new series which is called dragon ball zeron and it will come out in February 2011 or 2012. Really?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

What is the new Dragon Ball series?

dragon ball z kia

If you made a new Dragon Ball series what would it be?

it will have to be dragon ball XT.

Is there a new Dragon Ball?

there's no new "Dragon Ball" Series. Dragon Ball AF is fake. There is a new Dragonball film, Dragonball Evolution (2009).

Are there any new series coming after Dragon ball GT and not remake?

its Dragon ball AF

What is new series of dragonball after dragonball gt?

Dragon ball EX and then mabe Dragon ball AF

What come after Dragon Ball gt?

Well nothing has come up about a new series but some fans created one called Dragon Ball AF. Its not by the original creaters but its pretty good.

Will there be anymore new Dragon Ball Z or gt episodes?

No there may not be. It seems the dragon ball series is done.

Is Akira Toriyama making a new Dragon Ball series call Dragon Ball Hoshi?

Yes, in 2012.

Is there going to be new Dragon Ball Z show?

they ended the series with Dragon Ball GT, they probrably won't make another story about Dragon Ball Z but they will carry on with the games, if you want you could see the new movie Dragon Ball Evolution it's good but not as good as the series