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the new series of Dragon Ball Z is called dragon ball z kai

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2011-11-16 02:24:08
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Q: What is the new series of Dragon Ball Z called?
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What is the new Dragon Ball series?

dragon ball z kia

What were all the names of dragonball series?

Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball GT. There have been rumors about a fourth series called Dragon ball AF, but many have dismissed it as false as there is a lack of validity. Yes that is true but There is new one's (Not listed in order) So Dragon ball Dragon ball Z Dragon ball GT Dragon ball AF Dragon ball Absalon And i think i don't know but possibly Dragon ball yoshi? i actually don't know That may be a series Dragon ball, Af, Absalon, And yoshi (I don't know if this is one) Have not been aired but is still a work in Progress Ok thats all cya guys :D

What is the difference between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Kai?

It is not called "Dragon Ball Z Kai". It's just "Dragon Ball Kai". Dragon Ball Kai is an digitally remastered version of Dragon Ball Z with better graphics, audio, new music and new voice actors. Also, Dragon Ball Kai has a different beginning and end than Dragon Ball Z. In addition (or subtraction), they removed about 200 episodes from Dragon Ball Z for Dragon Ball Kai, making a long 300 episode series into a short 100 episode series.To prevent any further complication, here is a list of all the generations of Dragon Ball:Dragon Boy: A short 2 chapter manga based on a book called "Journey to the West". It was Akira Toriyama's original version of Dragon Ball.Dragon Ball: A remake of Dragon Boy. It was originally a weekly comic in the Weekly Shonen Jumpmagazine. It was later turned into a manga. Not only was this version of Dragon Boy much longer but it was also one of the most popular manga ever created. It not only has a manga but it also has an anime.Dragon Ball Z: This manga/anime was originally part of Dragon Ball but they separated it from Dragon Balland renamed it "Dragon Ball Z". This generation is the sequel to Dragon Ball.Dragon Ball GT: This is the sequel to Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball GT has a different animation style than Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball GT is unfortunately the shortest series of all generations and it does not have a manga.Dragon Ball Kai: The digitally remastered version of Dragon Ball Z with a new beginning and an end. They removed a significant amount of episodes as well.Dragonball Evolution: Dragonball Evolution is a live action movie (that is rumored to soon become a series of movies) that is based on Dragon Ball.Dragon Ball AF: Dragon Ball AF is a series created by fans. It was originally an April Fools prank ("AF" probably stands for "April Fools") which involved lying to people about a new generation coming out soon. After people waited too long, they no longer has faith in the rumor. Later, fans of Dragon Ball decided to actually make a manga for Dragon Ball AF.The difference is Kai is a shorter and cleaner verson and remastered in HD

What is after a hero's legacy in Dragon Ball series?

Lets hope that Goku Jr sets out to find all 7 of the DragonBalls. Once he does so, he wishes all of the Z fighters back. And a new series begins!! Forever Alone :(

How much is dragon ball z infinite world for ps2?

$45 new at amazon

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