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Q: Do runo and dan date in new vestroia?
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Do Dan and Runo hug?

In the last episode of Bakugan (not new vestroia) Dan and Runo go on a date. Runo likes Dan, as in many episodes she gets jealous when Julie hugs Dan. I dont know about Dan, he had his mind only set up to defeat Masquerade :P

What bakugan new vestroia episode do dan and runo kiss?

Dan and Runo do not kiss in new vestroia but I think they might in mechtanium surge Yeah probably in Mechtanium Surge because they're both 17 and Runo comes back in episode 32. :)

Do dan and runo ever go kiss in bakugan new vestroia?

Bakugan New Vestroia isn't finished with airing. But I hope they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Dan end up with Mira on Bakugan new vestroia?

yes and with runo he have 2girls

Who returns in bakugan new vestroia?

runo marucho Julie Alice masquerade jun and dan

When will runo go to new vestroia?

Ep 10

Does runo like dan in bakugan?

yeah he does and so does runo what i am trying to say is dan likes runo and runo likes dan in fact theres also a scene in da last episode that dan and runo goes on a date at the movies if you want to see it just type the following at youtube.combakugan dan and runo [ENGLISH]also in the new episode of new vestroia (episode 19), before dan goes back to new vestroia with baron, dan and runo hold hands and say goodbye. it's so romantic you should see it on! type in ''bakugan new vestroia episode 19 part 1'' (2, and 3). i just saw it a couple of minutes ago.... ;)And in one of the New Vestroia episodes (I forgot which one) their alone and dan say sumthing and runo is happy so she runs up, about to hug him and they both start blushing then dan gets stars in his eyes,smirks and holds out his arms trying to hug her and shetigrera OF COURSE THEY LIKE EACH OTHER. THEY ARE SO PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER. EVEN RUNO NEEDS TO CHANGE HER HAIR DO.

What bakugan episode does spectra take runo?

bakugan new vestroia episode 11

What happens in the last bakugan episode?

Wavern asked Drago to kill her and gave Drago the Infinity Core and Drago also killed Naga and then all of the Bakugans went to Vestroia and Drago and Wavern became the new core for Vestroia. Dan and Runo are now dating

Who is drago's partner?

dan (vestroia series 1) dan, scorpion (trap) (new vestroia series 2)

What are the couples in Bakugan?

The Bakugan couples are: 1. Dan & Runo (my personal favourite couple (not only in Bakugan) EVER 2. Julie & Billy (said they love each other (well not exactly like that) in episode "Good night baby") 3. Joe & Chan (kissed in the background while Dan and Runo were on their date) 4. Ace & Mira (a couple in Bakugan New Vestroia)

Do dan and mira hug?

(This is wrong) mira does like dan watch ep. 10, 12, 26, 27, and she might like even more after 38. dan realy like mira, but runo likes dan, and ace likes mira. it's a love rectangle or square or rhombus or some other for sided polygon.But mira and dan like each other they are a love couple. Mr.Me says: Mira kinda like Dan but Dan is already dating Runo. in Season 1 Episode 52 they went to a date and Runo's worried about Dan when he disappear with Marutcho.