Do pear pads exist

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No you stupid

idiot they are mac!

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Q: Do pear pads exist
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Does the pear pad exist?

yes the pear pad does exist not just on icarly or victories but there is a hole company of pear pads, ipear, pear phone and so on and one last thing pear laptops.

Are the pear phones and pear pads real?


Do pear pads really work in the shows?

I doubt it. I think they just make really big pads with a pear on the back and a fake screen.

Where do you get pear pads?

where pear pad be made i want it and where pear pad sell,i so really want the pear pad what year pear pad for sell

Are pear pads and pear phones real?

well i don`t know if they are real?

When are the pear pads seen on iCarly coming out?

The Pear Pads are just Nick's version of IPads. They do this to avoid having to get permission from Apple to use the names of their devices.

Where can you buy a pearpad?

since pear pads are brand new you might not really see them anywhere but if ur lucky them might have them in Hollywood or something sorry i really wanted to know to but i guess u can check the internet or something they probrobly don't exist.

Is pods or leave or stems or pads have a prickly pear cactus has leaf -shaped which one of those are that?


Does best buy sell pear pods?

no, pear pods dont exist

Where can you find a pear phone in Illinois?

Pear phones and pear pads are ficticious. They exist only on TV shows like iCarly, Victorious and Sam & Cat (it's Dan Schneider having fun with the Apple logo). (In one of the first Sam & Cat episodes Sam & Cat were watching a TV show on which the characters' computers had Banana logos instead of Pear logos.)

Which store to you get pear phones?

Sorry. Pear phones don't exist. I don't think you can get one.

What is the image on the back of the computers used on iCarly?

The image is that of pear. The characters in iCarly use things like "Pear phones", "Pear Pods", and "Pear Pads". This is a parody of the company Apple, which Dan Schneider, the creator of iCarly, is a fan of.